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the legal project management and automation platform for lawyers.

Legal Project Management & Automation
Day to day work made easier for lawyers

Get organized, track projects, and let fabula take care of the menial work.

Automatic email and document sorting

fabula automatically sorts your documents, emails and notes by project bringing all related files in one place.

Effortless project management

Set due dates, create tasks, add notes for projects and documents to know exactly what to focus on and stay on top of deadlines.

Fabula Legal Project Management
Complete project oversight

Access all your projects in a single view and stay in the loop with every new change to never miss an update.

Automatic document version tracking

fabula tracks document versions so you don’t have to, ensuring you always work on the right version.

100% secure

All documents stay in your system.

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Single source of truth
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Works with Microsoft Word
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Saves your time
Work better with fabula